Eliminate Pet Pee, Poop and Puke 
Stains and Odor Forever!

Stubborn Pet Stains and Odor can be Frustrating and Embarrassing

We love our pets, but... there are those unfortunate times when you’re excited to see your furry friend after a long day, you walk in the door and then it hits you, that awful smell. As soon as you inhale and get a big whiff of it, the love and affection you have for your buddy quickly fades and turns into irritation or even anger.  
This is NOT a Hopeless Situation!
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Now You Can Eliminate Pet Stains & Odor Like a Pro!
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Get our Pet Pee Finder UV Flashlight 
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Our Pet Pee Finder UV Flashlight will allow you to find every odor causing pee spot made by your furry friend. Follow the instructions and generously apply PUPS Pet Odor & Stain Remover to those areas & eliminate the source of the odor in your home forever. 
PUPS Smells Great & Will Permanently Eliminate Pet Odor & Stains in Carpet and Furniture!
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Accidents Happen... Be Ready When They Do!
Eliminate Pet Stain & Odor 
from Carpet
Eliminate Pet Stain & Odor 
from Furniture
Eliminate Pet Stain & Odor 
from Rugs
If PUPS Pet Urine Stain & Odor Remover does not live up to your lofty expectations, we will give you your money back. Just give us a call & we'll take care of it.
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